Standing Bye-Laws at Willow Bank Bowling Club


All members of the Bowling community want their clubs to flourish by encouraging new people to experience the sport of Bowling. The purpose of these bye-laws is to promote good practice by informing members and visitors on the structure and etiquette which exists within the Bowling Communities, particularly here in Scotland.

The rules of the Sport of Bowls within Scotland are supervised by BowlsScotland under license from World Bowls Limited, the international controlling body for the sport.


  1. Bowling Shoes
  2. All bowlers are requested to change their bowling shoes in the Clubhouse and refrain from wearing them in the streets.

  3. Green Unplayable
  4. It shall be competent for the Green Convener or any two members of the Committee of Management , failing whom, the Greenkeeper; to declare the green closed and re-opened for play.

  5. Evenings up to 6.45pn
  6. With the exception of Club Matches and other official reservations, the entire green shall be reserved for ties up to 6.45pm

  7. Evenings after 6.45pm
  8. Subject to there being no ties waiting for a rink, any member waiting to play a bounce game may use any vacant rinks except rinks officially reserved.

  9. Green Full
  10. When the green is full, other competitors waiting to play their ties must organise themselves to go on the green in mutually agreed order of arrival whenever rinks become vacant.

  11. Waiting on Opponents or Partners
  12. Competitors in ties are strictly not permitted to occupy or reserve a vacant rink by placing bowls on the green pending the arrival of opponents or partners. They will proceed onto the green only when the complete number of contestants in a tie are present.

  13. Marking Ties
  14. It is strongly recommended that all Singles Ties be marked by a member and every member is expected to take their fare share of Marking.

  15. The Winner's Name(s)
  16. After each tie is finished, the winner's name(s) must be put forward immediately on the Tie sheet by the Loser, failing whom , only the Match and Tie Committee shall do so.

  17. Reservation of rinks for private games.
  18. Application for reservations must be made in writing to the Secretary for approval by the Committee of Management. If members require the use of the Director's room for their guests, they must intimate this in their application.

  19. Security of the Premises.
  20. It shall be the duty of the last member to leave the premises to ensure that heating and lighting is switched off, water taps are turned off and the doors of the Clubhouse and gates are locked.

  21. Member's Property
  22. Members leaving private property in the clubhouse do so at their own risk.

  23. Forenoon Play
  24. The green shall be open for play on Saturday mornings and Monday holidays from 10.00am.

  25. Mixed Games
  26. Mixed organized games , Ladies and Gentlemen, shall be played as intimated on the notice board.

  27. Sunday Play
  28. The green shall be open for play on Sunday from 10.00am until 9.00pm. It is recommended that members should avoid playing Ties between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.