Bowls coaching at Willow Bank

Coaching through BowlsScotland.

BowlsScotland is the national governing body for lawn bowls in Scotland. Two of their responsibilities are

  1. Promote the sport of Lawn Bowls
  2. Provide training and development opportunities for affiliated members.

Club management have the responsibility to nominate potential coaches. The nominees then undergo various checks and training before BowlsScotland issue the coaches with certificates and badges. These certificates represent the licenses to coach and are national rather than local. This implies that coaches can coach outside their own club provided they follow the national approved models and guidelines.

Introduction to Coaching Award.

Intro Video

This video explains the Introduction to Coaching Award and the purpose behind the change in strategy towards a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) framework.

Promoting Good Practices in Coaching.

Coaches have a responsibility to instruct their club members and trainees on practices which promote good conduct and ethics within the sport. Some of the current challenges include changing attitudes to participation and removing the negative practices of "Win at All costs". In short, promoting tolerance and respect across the sport.

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS).

PCS is the SportSScotland flagship scheme for promoting respect throughout sport in Scotland and covers all levels of participants from beginner to international and professional athletes. The scheme aims to change the culture of sports coaching by promoting a set of achievable and realistic standards of conduct. The emphasis is to learn from all your experiences regardless of the match result..

The scheme promotes the Double Goal Coach model and has three aims . These are :

  1. Redefine the term for a Winner - Promoting mastery of the game.
  2. Honouring Our Sport - ROOTS Framework.
  3. Promoting the management of personal emotions - E-Tank.

Further information is available at Positive Coaching Scotland

Initial equipment required.

New bowlers do not require to purchase bowls or other accessories. The only equipment required to start bowling is a pair of bowling shoes or flat heelless shoes.

Dress Code Guidance.

The delivery action requires a relative freedom of movement , particularly in the legs, arms and torso. We recommend wearing easy fitting clothes which allow flexibility and freedom of movement.

Dress code at coaching sessions is informal but players are asked to abide by the club or host dress code when appropriate. This means no shorts or denim on the green.

Aim of the basic Coaching sessions.

The club coaching sessions are informal and intended to provide new players with the essential skills and knowledge to participate in the game from the very start. The fundamental principle of the coaching sessions is the development of a smooth delivery action which grounds the Jack or bowl along the intended line of delivery in a comfortable and constant manner, 100 times out of 100.

Basic Delivery and Stance concepts.

Bowling action is a combination of two very simple actions - Walking and Bending.. When walking, you should not over-extend your stride. When bending, you need a sense of balance. Try the following at home.

  1. Stand on a small mat with Legs together.
  2. Bend at knee to an angle of approximately 30 degrees.
  3. If right-handed, step forward with left foot.
  4. If left handed, step forward with right foot.
  5. Try placing tennis ball in line with front foot.
How many times did you over-step or loose your balance ?

Structure of the basic coaching course

The course is split into four sessions , normally lasting between 20 - 40 minutes. These can be combined if time permits.

Club Coaching Sessions.
Session Title Videos
  • Aims of the Game
  • Division of the Green
  • Equipment used in Bowng
  • Identifying Shots
  • Marking the Scorecard
2.The Mat, stance
and Delivery action.
  • Starting the game
  • setting the mat.
  • Adopting a suitable Stance
  • Components of delivery action.
  • Delivering the jack
3. Bowls, bias , grips and
Angled Stance
  • How to select a suitable bowl
  • How bias is imparted on a bowl
  • The types of grips used for bowl
  • Angled stance and relation to bias.
  • Line of Delivery
  • Imparting weight on a bowl
4. Lines, Shots
and Bowling Terms
  1. Selecting a Line of Delivery
  2. Developing consistency.
  3. 7 basic shots and their use.
  4. How to measure a shot.
  5. Terms used in Bowling.
Practical Support
  • Hand Signals used in bowls
  • Preparing yourself - The Draw Shot
  • Preparing yourself - Playing controlled weight

Arranging Coaching sessions

The club runs regular coaching sessions on Tuesday Evenings from 6.00pm. These sessions are open to any player. If you wish to try bowls in Scotland, visit TryBowls Website for more information.

All members are entitled to coaching sessions. Availability is dependent on :

  1. Rinks reserved for Club or Controlling Body
  2. Availability of Coach
  3. If the green has been reserved for a formal match

Precedence will be given to new and young players who have been attracted as part of the youth and community initiatives. Please contact the coach via the contacts page for further information.


One of the most important components of a good and consistent delivery action is the adoption of a comfortable stance on the mat. This enhances the players ability to maintain their balance during the delivery action.

Disabled Players and the Fixed stance.

Adopting an upright stance - release Adopting an upright stance - release Adopting an upright stance - release

Some players may require to use an aid to support their balance during the delivery action. The following images provide an excellent example of the fixed stance. Note that the player steps out prior to the delivery and only uses the pendulum action to ground the bowl.