Bowling Etiquette [1]

Bowls etiquette is based on the principal of courtesy and sportsmanship.

  1. The players are dressed appropriately for the occasion, whether formal or informal.
  2. All players are aware of the venue and starting time of the game.
  3. That players arrive in sufficient time to change and complete formalities before the start of the game.
  4. All players use the steps or enter the green in an appropriate manner.
  5. Players do not drop their bowls.
  6. Players shake hands before and after the conclusion of the game.
  7. Players do not sit on steps or banking.
  8. Players do not drop litter or other waste on the green or ditches and use bins provided.
  9. Players stand still while a player is delivering their bowl.
  10. Do not disturb or knock bowls intentionally until the end has been concluded.
  11. Do not interfere with the process of deciding shots unless delegated to do so.
  12. If an umpire has been called, stand clear of the head until he has reached a decision.
  13. Conduct yourself in a sporting manner at all times.
  14. Never criticise the state of the green, players or argue with your opponents.
  15. Commend good play at all times and acknowledge your flukes.
  16. )Do not leave the green without the consent of your skip or opponent.
  17. Uphold the good name of your club and never degrade it by deed or action.
  18. Be courteous at all times and refrain from using abusive or inappropriate language.