Club Development.

Welcome to the new club development pages for Willowbank Bowling Club. This page will provide information on club development plans, district forums, community groups and other useful information.

BowlsScotland Strategy 2015 - 2019

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BowlsScotland published its second strategy review since conception in 2011. This document highlights its primary aims and objectives for the sport of Bowls in Scotland.


To make Bowls Scotland's sport of choice : Successful, Modern and Accessible to all.

Mission Statement


Value Statement
Inclusivity Bowls is an inclusive force in many communities and we want this to continue as a key strength of the sport
Clarity We intend to be clear and open about the decisions make, which will always aim to be in the best interest of the game.
Integrity Having strong moral principles will help in the task of guiding the game in the right direction.
Innovation New technology should be utilised prudently to develop and modernise both the business and sporting sides of the game of bowls.
Collaboration Teanwork is a vital asset and we will look to engage in greater consultation with the many members and groups involved in the sport's delivery.
Accessibility By working towards clear equality standards we will endevour to reduce any barriers facing those who wish to access our game in their communities.



Key Objectives.

Playing the Game of Bowls.


Introduction to Bowling Manual - World Bowls

World Bowls has published an Introduction to Lawn Bowls which includes a short history of the sport, how the game is played, Guidance on coaching, Club, Green and Project Management. Introduction to Bowls