Ladies Fixtures 2019
Date Day Fixture Time Rinks Venue
Apr 20th Sat Ladies Opening Day 2.00 6 Willow Bank
May 05th Sun Ladies Ballted Triples 11.00 6 Willow Bank
June 04th Tues Friendship Game 6.30 6 Willow Bank
June 11th Tues West Of Scotland 1:30 6 Willow Bank
June 23rd Sun Midsummer Fete 2:00 N/a Willow Bank
July 02nd Tues Jordanhill 6:30 4 Triples Jordanhill
July 14th Sun Charities Day 2.00 6 Willow Bank
Aug 04th Sat Ladies Invitation Triples 10.00 6 Willow Bank
Aug 13th Tues St. Vincent 6.30 4 Triples St. Vincent
Aug 18th Sun Strawberry Fair 2.00 N/a Willow Bank
Aug 24th Sat Club Finals Day 2.00 6 Willow Bank
Aug 27th Tues University 6.30 4 Triples Willow Bank
Sept 01st Sun Ladies Fun Triples 10:30 6 Willow Bank
Sept 14th Sat Mixed Balloted Triples 2.00 6 Willow Bank
Sept 28th Sat Closing Day (Mixed) 2.30 6 Willow Bank

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