Garden Recovery Project at Willow Bank

This project was initiated in June 2009 with the intention to transform the grounds and Lower green area from the contaminated and inaccessible disaster that it was to a productive and usuable area.

May 2018

The grounds now have 10 growing beds producing fruit and vegtables , a new petanque facility and storage and processing of all our organic waste.

Green Slab Project

This project upgrades the efforts of Past President Marcus Taylor (March 1988). At that time the paths surrounding the green were layered with sand and red chips.

Marcus and his team worked to remove a substantial volume of large stones, chips and soil to prepare the area for slabbing. His efforts are visible in the form of the stone dyke below the Victoria Cres. Hedge.

The major limitation to his effort is the constant need to weed and clean the gaps between slabs by hand using various tools.

The 2018 project is an attempt to reduce the annual maintenance by leveling and sealing slabs. The project includes the provision of a new seating area between the huts to provide additional space during peak periods.