Club Hire

The club is available for hire by both members and the public if affiliated to the club.. Bookings should be addressed to the club secretary.

Booking Policy

Willow Bank is Glasgow's oldest bowling club and wishes to maintain its reputation as a suitable venue for all types of social events. This reputation can only be maintained by ensuring that all hosts respect the club premises and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

For this reason, the directors have requested that all hire applicants state their relationship with the club; for example, Current or former member, resident, guest at an organized event, member of a neighbouring club.


The maximum capacity of the clubhouse for functions is 65. If the priority is dancing, this number is reduced to 30 to accommodate band/DJ and dance area.


The club has two main seasons corresponding to the Open and Closed Playing Seasons. These are :

Open April - September
Closed October - March

The club is licensed to 23:30 .When placing an inquiry, please provide the following information.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Contact Telephone Number
  3. Your Email Address [Optional]
  4. Type of Event - (40th Birthday, Retirement, Family Occasion, etc)
  5. Expected number of Guests
  6. Date, Start and End Time of Event *
  7. Which services you require (Bar, Kitchen, Lower Green)
  8. Your relationship with the club
  9. Number of people under the age of 18

Facilities at the Club.

The club lounge can seat up to 60 guests with room for entertainment at the front of the hall. Facilities include a small dance floor, bar and kitchen with cloakroom and toilets located in the bowlshouse. If space is at a premium, buffet facilities can be accommodated in the director's room.

Club License

The club is licensed to serve alcohol to guests over 18. The licensee reserves the right to refuse any guest. No children will be served at the bar therefore parents are asked to purchase any soft drinks on their behalf.

Due to the size of the bar,guests are asked to retire to their seats after being served.

Formal Setting2 Christmas Meal Setting Christmas Party Setting Children's Party

Suitability for Family Groups

The club is available for hire for short periods during the off peak periods. This is particularly suitable for parents seeking a venue for young family events such as Christenings and under 5's birthday parties and is offering a reduced hire charge to promote these facilities.

The hall was cleared of excess seating to maximize floor space for a small disco during a recent under 5 party. This is particularly useful during periods of inclement weather.

The lower green is a large grassed area suitable as a children's play area. Recent events included the erection of a bouncy castle and covered areas for external seating and barbecues. The club has a large patio area available adjacent to the bowling green.

Smoking Policy

The club enforces the No Smoking policy within the club buildings. Guests wishing to smoke are asked to retire to the sheltered area overhanging the bowlshouse entrance.