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Ladies Summer Triples League

Match Details

15 ends to be played. 2 Trial ends may be played.


w/c 29-Apr-2024

Kelvindale BC v Willow Bank BC


w/c 13-May-2024

Hyndland BC v Willow Bank BC

w/c 27-May-2024

Willow Bank BC v Barr & Stroud BC

w/c 10-Jun-2024

Willow Bank BC v Milngavie BC

w/c 24-Jun-2024

Westerton BC v Willow Bank BC

w/c 08-Jul-2024

Singer BC v Willow Bank BC

w/c 22-Jul-2024

Willow Bank BC v Scotstounhill BC

w/c 03-Aug-2024

Willow Bank BC v Cardonald BC

w/c 19-Aug-2024

Willow Bank BC v Victoria Park BC

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