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We are always happy to welcome new members to the club.

We offer several types of annual membership:

  • Bowling Membership:   £190
    This class of membership is for full bowling members and 1st year bowlers with previous bowling experience. This membership class allows full access to the bowling and Petanque facilities.

  • 1st Year New Bowlers:   £100
    This class of membership is for full access to bowling to applicants with no prior bowling experience. This also give access to  play Petanque .

  • Associate Petanque:      £100
    This class of membership is for access to play Petanque. It does not include membership to the Glasgow Petanque Club which incurs an additional fee of £15 to play in their organised matches.

  • Associate Social:            £75
    This class of membership gives access to the grounds, bowls house (when open) and any events being held at the club. It does not include access to play bowls or Petanque.

  • Junior Membership:      £40​
    This class of membership covers applicants that are 16 or under at the time of payment of fees. It provides access to play bowls and Pétanque under the supervision of a suitable adult.

We have bowls for you to try and coaching is offered every Tuesday evening during the season.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the Club Secretary.

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