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Bowls Scotland

Match Details

Knockout competitions with different rules for each class of entry.

Players cannot play in more than one of the competitions.


Sat 13-May-2023 (14:00) - 1st Round


Willow Bank BC(B) v Yarrow Rec BC(A)

 @ Scotstounhill BC

   Lead:     Annette Scambler

   Skip:     Chris Morrow

Willow Bank BC(A) v Maryhill BC

 @ Scotstounhill BC

   Lead:     Christine Robinson

   Skip:     Liz Peat

Tue 16-May-2023 (18:00) - 1st Round


Scotstounhill BC v Willow Bank BC

 @ Hyndland BC

   Skip:     Pauline Wilson

Sun 20-May-2023 (14:00) - Quarters

Over 55 Singles

Willow Bank BC v Westerton BC

 @ Killermont BC

   Skip:     Pauline Wilson

Over 55 Fours

Milngavie BC v Willow Bank BC

 @ Killermont BC

   Lead:     Isobel Drynan

   Second:   Marylin Wilkie

   Third:    Liz Peat

   Skip:     Christ Morrow

Tue 23-May-2023 (18:00) - Quarters


Milngavie BC v Willow Bank BC

 @ Victoria Park BC

   Lead:     Christine Read

   Second:   Sandra Lowe

   Third:    Janice Hill

   Skip:     Jacky Robinson

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