Welcome to the Glasgow Petanque Club at Willow Bank

Opening event at Glasgow Petanque Club

The club has now been constituted and registered with the Scottish Petanque Association. Details are now available at the Club's facebook page .

Constructing the Piste.

In May 2017 the club commenced discussions with members and community groups to research the feasibility of installing a Petanque court (piste) at Willow Bank utilising part of the old lower green which was abandoned in 1985.

After discussions with the Scottish Petanque association (http://www.scottishpetanque.org)and invitations to tender , transformation of the lower green commenced in October 2017. The images show progress to date (Jan 2018).

Lower Green before piste development Petanque piste under development Petanque piste under development

Landscaping the Lower Green.

The construction of the piste created a large volume of turf and soil waste which is being used to landscape the remaining area.

Two new features under construction are the creation of a wide access ramp at the Victoria Crescent Road gate and the removal of the old ditch to provide ease of maintenance for mowing..

Part of the turf waste has been reused to cover areas damaged by heavy machinery. The aim is to provide members with an enhanced sitting area sheltered by the hedges.

Observations during Construction.

One of the most striking observations is the strong smell of horse manure seeping from the clay and sand soil mix. Although the green has not had any fertilisers applied since 1985, the pressance is almost over-powering.

On reviewing historical documents, the green was uplifited from its former site at Willow Bank Crescent. Transport at that time was by horse and cart which may account for the high volume today.